Commercial Dilapidation Reports

Owning a commercial property is a significant investment. If you are planning construction and/or development of your property, both you and your contractors need to consider all aspects of the project in order to protect that investment. One thing that should be on your checklist is a commercial dilapidation report which will help mitigate risk of damage to assets owned by the council or adjoining properties.

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These reports are independently prepared by experts who are able to identify any pre-existing conditions or concerns that otherwise may be missed. Whether your property has adjoining walls with other commercial properties or whether it’s freestanding, a commercial dilapidation report will put your mind at ease in knowing that you have covered all pre and post construction requirements. To decide on the right professionals to carry out dilapidation services for your project, you need to begin by considering experience, industry reputation, and skillset, as well as client services.

Expert Commercial Dilapidation Services

Experience and Skillset

Construction contractors acknowledge the many benefits of a quality commercial dilapidation report, as well as the value of working with a company who understands commercial construction. Building Dilapidations was set up to fill a growing gap for commercial dilapidation services that was not being met by other building survey providers. Specialising in property condition reports, we have worked with many reputable and loyal clientele on numerous commercial projects of varying complexities.

What is our edge? Our team is not only made up of qualified and experienced building inspectors, but consists of several structural engineers which is highly advantageous when it comes to understanding the details required for commercial construction projects. Our clients span across Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Central Coast, and we are valued for our efficiency, cost-effectiveness and professionalism.

What a Commercial Dilapidation Report Covers

To protect yourself against any claims from adjoining properties regarding their existing building structure or associated assets, we recommend completing a dual process of commercial dilapidation reports which are specifically tailored to your project.

Without supporting documentation covering conditions of kerbing, roadways, drainage, or pathways as well as pre and post-construction inspections, councils are very unlikely to return their bond to you. The pre-construction report is highly important and requires an on-site inspection by one of our qualified team members. Any structural issues or damage is documented in the report and supported by a photographic portfolio.

Our detailed report is highly valuable in verifying pre-existing conditions should the need arise in the case of a claim. A post-construction report also involves an on-site inspection after work has been completed. Any changes or damage caused by heavy machinery or excavation to council-owned assets or other adjoining property is documented and is supported by photographic evidence.

Commercial Dilapidation Report

Mixing Technology with Great Service

At Building Dilapidations, we pride ourselves on our reliability, professionalism and in-depth quality reports. To ensure a seamless process, our equipment has specific software to provide our clients with the most thorough and custom designed reports possible. Our top of the line equipment and detailed photographic reports are used to compile commercial dilapidation reports for council certification, personalised services, and insurance requirements as well as development approvals.

Commercial Construction Or Development Project

Commercial works that have been undertaken by the team at Building Dilapidations are:

  • Coffs Harbour to Woolgoolga Highway Upgrade
  • Elizabeth McArthur Agricultural Institute – Bio-Security Upgrade
  • Station Road, Auburn Over Bridge
  • Schools for the ‘Building Education Revolution’ program
  • Railway stations
  • Unit blocks
  • Warehouses
  • Swimming pools
  • Pipelines
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Office blocks

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