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Developers and their contracting companies have a greater responsibility than ever to help safeguard the environment. As populations grow and resources dwindle, the government has passed regulations to ensure that future generations have clean water and air, as well as housing capable of meeting their basic needs.

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BASIX certificates demonstrate a developer’s pledge and responsibility to follow conservation mandates established by the NSW government. These mandates address worries about pollution, environmental damage, and related issues. Companies that receive certification have shown how their project will comply with state laws and local regulations promoting sustainability.

Our team works to assist developers who need to comply with BASIX guidelines to get their applications approved. We also stand by our clients every step of the way, if needed, to ensure that the pledges laid out in the BASIX application are properly implemented as the project continues.

BASIX program goals including the reduction of water consumption and air pollution, both by 40 percent. Also important, these codes mandate that each new dwelling constructed meet minimal thermal standards for comfort.

BASIX Certification Explained

When a developer seeks to register a project with a council in NSW, state law requires the completion of a Development Application, of which a BASIX certificate is only one component..

Following legislation implemented in 2004, the Building Sustainability Index has established important regulations and guidelines that protect resources from wastage whilst reducing damage to the environment. These standards may be applied differently throughout NSW to reflect prevailing local conditions. Each state or territory has its own regulations and guidelines.

Certification covers three essential issues in the development and construction of residential units, such as water usage, minimal thermal comfort standards, and conservation of energy resources.

Additionally, BASIX certifications have three main types. Developers must understand the differences between each of the three, which even cover such details as formatting. The types are alterations/additions, multi-family dwellings, and single family dwellings.

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Aspects of Development Projects Covered By BASIX Certification

A BASIX certificate covers a plethora of development and construction projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Single household dwellings
  • Dual occupancy dwellings
  • Townhouses and villas
  • “Granny flats” and other spaces modified to create a new dwelling
  • Hostels and guest houses
  • Boarding houses
  • Lodging and other accomodations of less that 300 square metres
  • Swimming pools and spas that hold 40,000 or more litres.

The assessment also covers building design specifics that can affect water and energy use, such as:

  • location of the building
  • Orientation size
  • Type of construction
  • Sizes and styles of windows
  • Extra landscaping work and features
  • Expected appliance use within the building

One of the trickier aspects of BASIX requirements regards localised mandates. Because climate, rainfall, and other factors vary so widely from the arid west to the subtropical east of the state, it makes sense to adjust guidelines to meet local conditions.

Finally, the BASIX application represents a pledge by the company to uphold government standards as part of a plan created by the developer. To receive a final Occupation Certificate, a developer must show that they fulfilled their end of the agreement, as established by the BASIX certificate.

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Benefits of BASIX Certification to Builders and the Community At Large

While some see BASIX as yet another onerous regulation, the certificate in fact greatly benefits development businesses along with the environment. Instead of working under a strict and complex series of rules, companies can develop their own means to meet the standards set.

With environmental concerns a constant issue, BASIX provides the easiest way for developers to comply with the law.

With compliance plans required early in the development process, developers can work compliance into the design with less cost and hassle. Developers benefit when they understand what they need to do and how they must comply before construction even starts. This saves time and money when compared a situation in which changes must be made after the project starts.

BASIX certifications make sure that local development does not overtax area resources or add excessive air pollution. Housing must meet certain standards to ensure that each unit meets a minimum level of livability. Community resources, such as water, will not be overused, which would lead to disaster during one of NSW’s occasional droughts.

Getting BASIX Certification So You Can Get Started

Although the application itself can require complicated details and plans, submitting for BASIX certification is as easy as buying online.

If the developer submits a proper application and addresses all questions and concerns within, approval decisions can be delivered within several days, or even hours. Projects of greater size and complexity may be subject to a longer approval process.

Construction plans must reflect commitments made in the certificate and these must be executed as outlined.

If Your Company Needs Help

Although easy to submit, the application itself can require incredible amounts of detail. If completed incorrectly, the application will be rejected. For developers, delays cost substantial time and money. They can also upset delicately arranged schedules for contractor and subcontractor work.

We understand NSW regulations surrounding BASIX certification, as well as the building and construction industry. Our team has the experience and expertise to ensure that your application is successful and that your good faith efforts to stay in compliance lead to an Occupation Certificate.

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