How to Order

The contractor undertaking the construction, demolition, excavation or boring works is the person who generally orders a report. Councils, architects, insurance companies, the Department of Main Roads, Rail Corp and Water Authorities, etc. can make obtaining an unbiased building inspection on adjoining properties where work is to be carried out a condition of a contract or before approval is issued for construction to commence. Often building owners order a report for their own satisfaction.

Builders, contractors, builders, and owners should obtain a dilapidation report to document existing cracking and faults within a building, so future claims and legal action can be either be prevented or if damaged has occurred the claim can be justified.

Property owners often order a dilapidation report so that they are confident that the report provides an unbiased record of their property.

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The report provides you with a comprehensive appraisal of the property – and at a very reasonable price.

Remember – be sure.
After work commences, it may be too late.