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Building Dilapidations

Professionals in providing dilapidation reports.

Building Dilapidations is a leading company in Australia that specialises in dilapidation reports. Unlike most companies, we only do dilapidation inspections/reports and not other types of consultancy. This gives us an advantage over others as our equipment and software is dedicated solely to carrying out professional dilapidation reports.

We offer our clients a superior service utilising new and innovative ways of presenting and accessing our dilapidation survey reports.

Building Dilapidations can carry out your inspection quickly and efficiently. We will respond to your enquiry immediately. You will have your report in your hands within three to five days after we gain access to the property to carry out our inspection.

As specialists in dilapidation reports, we are able to provide you with reasonable fees for our work.

To keep on the cutting edge of his profession, our team attends regular seminars on various construction matters, receiving the most up to date information on building inspection services. We are highly trained and experienced in all facets of building construction and building defect identification.

We are not just photographers, we have an in depth knowledge of building defects and their causes.

At Building Dilapidations, we use the latest in digital reporting technology.

Our team has extensive experience carrying out property inspections and reports, detecting any faults, detailing their cause and rectification for both the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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Our Guarantee

Building Dilapidations guarantee quality, professional service, impartiality, well presented documentation and prompt reliable service.


Building Dilapidations is fully licensed for the following insurances:

  • Public liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Workers compensation